Adult Services - Psychologist

Assessment and Therapy

We strive to provide support and encouragement for our adult clients in a comfortable, private atmosphere. We respect the different beliefs and experiences of our adult clients and aim to work collaboratively to identify challenges and develop effective strategies to address mental health needs and improve life.  Assessment and treatment with a doctoral-level psychologist for a number of presenting problems is available for individuals in the Harrison area, including anxiety, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, memory and organizational symptoms, phase of life problems, grief and loss, parenting challenges, work conflicts, trauma, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, problematic personality traits, marital conflict, and difficult life transitions. In addition to individual services, our clinicians provide couples therapy and family therapy, if desired, and/or indicated by the specific needs of our clients.

Adult psychological evaluations  are effective in assessing the severity of symptoms and clearing up diagnostic uncertainty when complex problems exist. We utilize a broad range of cognitive, academic, personality, and emotional/behavioral assessment instruments to help provide accurate differential diagnostic services and design evidence-based treatment plans. Individual, couples, and family therapy are offered to assist adult clients with achieving their treatment goals. Cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, and family systems are the primary treatment approaches used by our therapists. With the written authorization of our adult clients, we also  sometimes communicate with their primary care physicians to coordinate treatment efforts. We also regularly review therapy progress with our clients and make modifications as necessary to optimize results!

The Patient Notice of Privacy Practices form (see Intake Forms on this website) must be printed, signed, and dropped off along with the Adult Intake Form.